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New Grads – Start Your Career with Us!

We offer new graduates career opportunities in the following areas:

• Marketing
• Engineering
• Logistics
• Finance
• Environmental management
• IT/systems
• General business/management
• Human Resources
• Operations
• Maintenance
• Marine field

If you’re a new graduate in one of these fields and are wondering where to begin your career, know that choosing the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation will afford you a wealth of employment advantages.

Our Comprehensive Training and Support Initiatives Will Help Shape Your Career for Long-Term Success
Our training and support programs for new employees include all the ingredients you’ll need for a long and successful career. It starts with an orientation program to give you a proper overview of the company, your department, and your role. It continues with a host of support and training initiatives leading to career growth.

You’ll Receive Valuable Career Counseling and Mentoring
A key component of your career progression will involve receiving the counsel of experienced personnel. Hence, not only will you benefit from career planning advice from your manager, who’ll help map out your development opportunities, you’ll also benefit from the mentorship of senior employees. Experienced professionals will help you gain knowledge, learn about the business, and give you support as you need it.

You’ll Gain and Strengthen Skills in a Hands-On “Stretch” Manner
With high-level support at your disposal, you’ll have the confidence to take on your first assignments, which are designed to help you gain new skills and strengthen existing ones. Some of these assignments are what we call “stretch” assignments, which means you work just beyond your comfort level, thereby “stretching” your current capabilities and allowing you to pick up new skills in the process.

You’ll Sharpen Your Skills through Continuing Education
Throughout your career, you’ll have access to professional development opportunities in the form of seminars, conferences and other such activities.

As you can see, we believe in giving new graduates all the tools for career success.