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When you join our team, you join an organization that provides you with the full spectrum of employee benefits – on the professional, personal and social level – from your first day on the job to your first pension check. Just look at what we offer:

Training and Support
Compensation and Benefits
Our Well-Rounded Commitment to Employees

Training and Support

Employee Orientation
We provide all new employees with the grounding they need for success. Our employee orientation program will give you an overview of our company and your department’s role in it. You’ll also receive a full explanation of your tasks and the people that can help you fulfill them.

Career Development
Far from being static, your career at SLSMC will be in constant evolution, and you can count on us to support you throughout your progression. Our on-going learning and development programs will ensure that you acquire, develop and maintain the skills you need throughout your career. Training is offered in various formats, from courses and seminars to workshops and conferences, and of course, on-the-job training.


Compensation and Benefits

Base Pay
We understand that quality talent deserves adequate remuneration. That’s why we continuously survey our industry to make sure salaries remain competitive.

In addition to a competitive base pay, you can expect comprehensive benefits coverage to protect both you and your family. Coverage includes medical and dental services, vision care, travel insurance, group life and accident insurance, as well as a paid sick leave bank.

Vacation Entitlement
In addition to 11 annual statutory holidays, you’ll be allotted as many as 15 vacation days in your first year alone. What’s more, this entitlement will increase with years of service. In addition, you can benefit from three personal days per year.

As an employee, you’ll be eligible for an employer-supported defined-benefit pension plan.


Our Well-Rounded Commitment to Employees

While career development and compensation are important, we believe that a total commitment to your career includes other equally important considerations.

Work/Life Balance
We understand that our employees’ personal lives are important. In response to this, we offer flex time, whenever possible. We want to make sure employees have the time to deal with family concerns, personal appointments, and even traffic congestion!

Have a child in school? He or she may be eligible for a $2,000 renewable scholarship while attending post-secondary education.

Social Events
In keeping with our commitment to work/life balance, employees and their families are offered the opportunity to participate in many fun recreational activities. Whether it’s golf outings, curling, skating, picnics, or going to hockey games, you can be sure there is something of interest to you.

Community Involvement
Helping the community is something our employees genuinely believe in and enjoy, as evidenced by the enthusiasm they display during our annual United Way campaign. As a member of our team, you’ll also have the chance to lend your talents to such worthy initiatives.

Health & Wellness
Like to work out? Then we’ll help pay for you to stay in shape by partially covering the cost of your fitness program. Our comprehensive health program for employees also includes health and safety workshops, first aid services, a Disability Management Program, an Employee Assistance Program for help with personal issues, and access to a nurse and physician for help with returning to work following injury or illness.