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Values - collaboration

What collaboration in the workplace means to YOU!

The behaviours listed below represent the ones most often identified by employees (information gathered through an online survey)

Listening, discussing and consulting.

 Recognizing and accepting that no one person knows all the answers to a particular situation and that
teamwork is necessary.

Realizing that everyone brings something unique to the table and encouraging individuals to contribute
 and feel valued.

Doing my job as best I can to contribute to the Seaway’s overall success.  
When each of us does this, we are collaborating in achieving our business goals.

Supporting my colleagues when they need help with their work and vice-versa.

Working together as a team towards one common goal and considering each person's input as important,
regardless of that person’s position.

 Encouraging individuals or groups to work together, to combine their strengths and negate their weaknesses to accomplish a set of goals.

Working together to achieve a goal, outside of the traditional  'job description' boundaries (i.e. stopping the
 “not in my job description” mentality).

Working together through the decision making process and showing support once a decision is reached.