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What innovation in the workplace means to YOU!

The behaviours listed below represent the ones most often identified by employees (information gathered through an online survey)

Continuously looking at our own tasks and how we can make them more efficient.

Not being afraid of trying something new, whether it’s a process, a tool or technology.

Understanding that just because things may have been done a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean they can’t be done better now. 

 Building diverse teams to ensure different views are available.

Not worrying if things don’t work out the first time.  Perseverance is key.

 Asking ‘why’ to see how things can be improved or simplified

Creating an environment focused on development, collaboration and excellence to help foster corporate success.

Staying at the forefront of new ideas and technologies that are being used in industry and appropriately applying them in our workplace.

Putting ideas into action!

Challenging the status quo.