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The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation has 3 locations:

Head Office – Cornwall, Ontario

Situated in Cornwall, Ontario, our Head Office is the heart of our administrative operations, the place where all strategic long-term planning is done. The Head Office is where our President and CEO are based and where our Board of Directors sits, and it also houses key departments such as Communications, Market Development, Human Resources, IT, and Legal Services.

For more information on the city of Cornwall, visit:

St. Catharines/Niagara, Ontario (Welland Canal)

The eight-lock Canadian Welland Canal is the western section of the St. Lawrence Seaway and forms an integral part of the deep waterway that allows laker and ocean vessels to navigate to and from the heart of North America. Its locks and channels bypass Niagara Falls and connect two of the Great Lakes (Ontario and Erie). The Welland Canal is the first segment of the modern Seaway to have been built (the current structures were completed in 1932) and ranks as one of the outstanding engineering feats of the twentieth century.

For more information on St. Catharines and Niagara, visit the sites listed below:

City of St. Catharines, Ontario

Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario

Maisonneuve (Montreal/Lake Ontario Section)

The Montreal/Lake Ontario (MLO) section of the Seaway is the gateway of the system, connecting the Great Lakes with the rest of the world since 1959. The MLO section stretches through two Canadian provinces (Quebec and Ontario) and one U.S. state (New York). It consists of a series of 7 locks (5 Canadian and 2 U.S.) extending through 170 km between Montreal (Quebec) and Iroquois (Ontario) that enable cargo ships to be raised or lowered 74 meters from sea level to Lake Ontario.

For more information on this region, visit the sites listed below:

City of St. Lambert, Quebec

City of Longueuil, Quebec