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Our Vision

Quite simply, our vision is to be “the transportation system of choice”. We achieve this by focusing on three essential components: growing the business; optimizing system use; and success through people. It is through the harmonization of these three components that we envision implementing improvement measures such as hands-free lockages and better maintenance plans. It’s also how we plan to grow tonnage, diversify and develop our market, and improve customer relations.

Each Employee is Important

We progress in our organizational goals by setting the stage for each employee to succeed. This means providing employees with skills development initiatives, flexible working practices, and a healthy environment. But beyond that, it means making each employee feel – and rightly so – that their contributions are recognized and valued. That’s why we make it our priority to foster a sense of belonging in our organization. We want everyone to know they are an integral part of our success.

Corporate Social Responsibility

These days, the term “going green” is widely used. In our organization, it’s far more than a mere slogan; it’s a call to action that translates into concrete environmental protection initiatives. For example, in June 2007 we adopted a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Plan to reduce emissions by 15% by 2010. In addition, we’ve recently made an agreement with Rankin Renewal Power Inc. to develop three “green” hydropower projects within the Welland Canal, with each power station capable of generating two megawatts of electricity for use in the provincial power grid.

Through our values of respect, integrity, innovation and openness, we are building a strong foundation of corporate responsibility that takes into account the needs of all concerned – employees, customers, suppliers, governments and the general public.